Some Thoughts on School

So far, I’m really enjoying my biology class. A lot of the information that we’re covering fits fairly well with the material that we’re learning in my chemistry class, so it’s nice to see how these two are related. That’s a theme that I’ve found to be extremely helpful – trying to see how different subjects are related. The other day prior to my chemistry lecture, a classmate that’s taking chemistry and physics at the same time commented that he didn’t see any relationship between the two classes. I told him that after he’s a taken a bit more of the two, he’ll start to realize how related they are. In my case, after having taken a ton of quantum mechanics, it’s very hard for me to tell where the physics ends and the chemistry ends.

Upon reflection, I believe this approach should be carried into medical school – the goal of a learner really ought to be to integrate all that he’s learned into a cohesive whole. Anatomy, physiology, biology, biochemistry, pathology, and all the other usual suspects are each a piece of an enormous ocean of knowledge called medicine. Sure, we might start out by studying chemistry or biology and thinking in terms of those subjects, but the real end for the student ought to be to assimilate it all and ultimately be unable to determine where one book ends and another begins.

Perhaps that’s part of the draw to medicine for me, a life spent touring the enormous expanse of medicine: physics, biology, chemistry, and the humanities. Nothing else promises that kind of challenge and reward.


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