Good-Bye Evernote

I’ve been trying to embrace new methods of note-taking and review, since learning biology seems to be quite different than learning physics and mathematics.  To that end, I decided to give EverNote a try, as a way of keeping track of my notes and review questions as I do my reading.

In principal, the idea was a good one – particularly the idea of being able to access my notes from anywhere or on my iPhone.  But, the syncing feature sucks.  Every few minutes, EverNote tries to sync my notes with the server and twice in the past hour, the syncing feature has destroyed major sections of my entire document.  I don’t know if it’s because my internet connection happened to drop the sync request or send garbled data, but for some reason, EverNote will occasionally forget all the information that I’d typed into my notebook since the last sync.

Talk about a nightmare – I had two hours worth of reading and review questions typed out that are completely gone now.  I’m glad I found this out now and not later, because I was planning to start using it more exclusively for things like lab notes and assignments.  No more – I’m done with it.  Anyone have any advice on an efficient way to take notes electronically?


3 Responses

  1. That’s weird. I use Evernote on a regular basis, and love it. Never once has it screwed up the data. Did you make sure to download it from the webpage, and not another carrier?

  2. You can try Pear Note

  3. I thought about Evernote too, but never caught on for me. If you like having a digitalized note, but prefer to take advantage of the benefits from handwriting (supposedly better engraved in memory), try the Echo Smartpens. I bought one towards the end of my first semester and will be giving it a trial when 2nd semester begins.

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