Post on Studying in Science Classes

I’m a stealth follower of a number of blogs run by medical students.  One of my favorites is run by the self-styled Old MD Girl.  Her recent post on study techniques for science classes caught my eye and I figured I’d link to it.  I’d have to agree with most of her advice.


2 Responses

  1. My advice would be this:

    For biology read it once or twice. The first time a slow careful read, and the second not as slow, but with a highlighter. Then make an outline and write/type the concepts, paraphrasing it into your own words. I’d then read my outline a couple times.

    For chemistry and math (haven’t taken physics yet) just do the problems, over and over and over again. As many as you can, and if you exhaust your textbook, there are plenty of problems you can find online. Oh, and with chemistry, especially O Chem, read the chapter at least once slowly, and buy a model kit.

    • Thanks for the comments.

      I’m going to write up a post about some of the lessons I’ve learned on studying for science courses, particularly physics, since that’s what I studied as an undergraduate.

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