Exam Results

Got results back for the first couple rounds of exams this past week.  Scored a 90% on my chemistry exam and something like a 96% on the biology exam.  TA told me that I had the highest grade in the class, which was a nice surprise.  On the surface, most students would probably be happy with those results…  Of course, most students aren’t studying for medical school.

Sometimes I wonder if my perceptions are skewed, but the classes that I’m taking just don’t seem that hard.  Busy, sure – I spend a decent amount of time doing the reading and working on lab reports, but I’m not really having to work that hard in these classes, particularly chemistry.  I really ought to correct myself – my biology class isn’t easy by any means.  I’m not being stretched beyond my abilities, but the lectures are great and the textbook reads well, so I feel like I’m getting a pretty good handle on all the material.  Actually really enjoying biology and the overlap with my chemistry class has taught me a lot too.

As usual, my chemistry class is a joke.  Since we’re something like 3 weeks behind in lecture, I decided that I’m going to basically ignore the course and just study through the chapters on my own.  At the rate the course is progressing, there’s no way we’ll get through the entire syllabus by the end of the semester and, if I don’t take control of my education, I’ll wind up getting an A in the course, but not knowing half the material from Chemistry II which is going to be covered on the MCAT.  I might have gotten an A on the exams and done really well on the homework, but I know that there’s little correlation between my course grade and my understanding of the material.


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