Chat with a Classmate

A couple of days ago after my GB2 lab, one of my classmates, who I’ll call Steve, asked me if I’d like to get together to study for an exam which we took yesterday.  I’m not much for group study in freshman courses, particularly with people I don’t know – I worked in a group as an undergrad in a couple of courses, but it was mostly people I’d known and “group study” was more or less the functional equivalent of getting together after we’d done our homework individually to compare answers and see if any of us had made a mistake.  Anyway, I told him I worked a full-time job during the week  and usually studied on my own but said thanks and that I appreciated the offer.

So, yesterday afternoon we took our third exam in our biology lecture and after class, I headed to the train station, hoping to get home in time to squeeze a bike ride in before dusk.  I ran into Steve while I was waiting and so I asked him how the exam had gone for him.  He said he thought he’d done well enough and asked me if I’d studied for the exam.  We wound up catching the same train heading south and talked a bit while we waited to arrive at our destination.  The following is an excerpt from our conversation and I swear, I’m not making any of it up.  To be sure, I’d heard of people like this, but I’d never actually believed they existed.  Read on for details:

MSO: So, you’re applying to pharmacy school, right?

Steve: Nope, medical school.

MSO: I see.  Why do you want to go to medical school?

Steve: I don’t know.  It seems like it would be fun and it would make my parents happy.  Plus, I really like that show House.  He’s kind of arrogant, but I think it’d be fun to be a doctor and help people and stuff! (I started looking for a hidden camera at this point)

MSO: House?  As in that show on TV?

Steve: Yeah.

MSO: You realize that medicine is nothing at all like the stuff you see on television, right?

Steve: I guess.  But my mom is a pharmacist and it’d make her really happy if I became a surgeon.

MSO: You realize you’re going to be in school and residency for about 10 years and be probably a quarter of a million dollars in debt when you’re finished, right?

Steve: Yeah, but doctors make bank so it’s alright.  What’s residency? (at this point, I was certain this was a gag)

MSO: Residency is kind of like a summer camp for doctors…Hey, this is my stop – best of luck to you Steve!

Our exchange really was that insane.  I got off the train and walked home with my jaw agape at what I’d just witnessed.  I’d heard about applicants that were that naive, but I didn’t really think I’d ever see it – kinda like the Loch Ness monster.  But, I suppose that seeing is believing.  Maybe my chances are better than I think.


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