Most and Least Favorite Undergraduate Courses

I had a short conversation this afternoon at work about our favorite coursework as undergraduates. I work with a rather homogeneous lot, since almost everyone around me is an engineer of some sort or another – almost all hailed from the ECE world. Anyway, pretty much everyone around me hated electromagnetics and loved their digital circuits courses. Boring.

Anyway, it made me curious as to what the favored undergraduate courses of some other pre-med students are. What courses did you enjoy? What courses did you despise?


3 Responses

  1. Survey of Shakespeare* … it was not the volume of material + supporting material, it was having to memorize one of his works, with a recital final where each misstep in regurgitation was -5% on the grade. Absolutely killed any affinity I had for Shakespeare.

    *First time through school graduated with a Mass Communication/English Composition degree.

    • I understand how you feel – scores of high school students have been turned off to Shakespeare because of high school teachers that forced them to memorize one of his sonnets or read Macbeth aloud during class.

  2. Loved:
    American History 1945-1990
    Theories of Crime and Social Control
    American Law and Rhetoric of Race
    Urban Structure and Function

    Sociology of Culture
    My Humanities Core (Kant, Aristotle, the Henriad)
    Gen Chem #1

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