Spring Volunteering

Everyone with any knowledge of the circus that is medical school application knows that admissions committees are loathe to accept anyone that hasn’t demonstrated an understanding of what the medical field is actually like.  Sorry gang, but House MD and Grey’s Anatomy aren’t all that accurate when it comes to actual clinical practice.  When I finished my wilderness EMT course last winter, I started looking for a hospital to do some volunteer work in because I wanted to make sure that I knew what I was getting myself into.  I had spent several weekends on ambulance rides and some clinical shifts in a couple of local area EDs, but I really wanted to put myself in a position to see the daily grind of a busy hospital on a regular basis.  If income were no issue, I’d probably have tried to get a job in a hospital as a tech – one ED actually tried to recruit me during one of my clinical shifts.  At any rate, after several months of looking, I finally found a hospital to do some volunteer work in.  It doesn’t feel like much, mostly transporting patients, stocking, etc. in the ED, but I suppose it’s a start.  Hopefully, it will give me an opportunity to interact with some doctors and maybe form a long-term mentoring type of relationship with someone.  Anyone shed some light on how those kinds of relationship develop?  Are they the norm?  Suggestions?

Also, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I like teaching and was hooked up with a group within my company that has organized tutoring sessions at a couple of local-area high schools.  Starting this week, I’ll be spending a few hours on Wednesday evenings tutoring high school AP courses, probably biology, calculus, physics, and chemistry.  Should be a lot of fun.


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  1. The route I am choosing to gain “Direct Patient Care” (a catch phrase I have seen resurface a number of times on school admission pages) through is as a CNA. Which means working evening/night hours on the weekends at one of the local hospitals. Had not considered the route you choose. Mostly because it is not readily available in my area.

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