Interesting Site I Found This Afternoon on the Misinformation of Alternative Birthing

Not that I have any interest in obstetrics as a possible field, but I ran across an interesting site this afternoon and felt compelled to share.  Check it out if you have some free time – feels like a breath of fresh air after listening to the Jenny McCarthy’s of the world rave about how vaccinations cause autism (they don’t).  I hadn’t realized that the throngs of misinformed had grown so large, so it’s nice to see someone sharing a bit of well-reasoned information on the subject of obstetrics.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing this link.

    My in-laws are very much into the vaccine-autism misinformation. They also practice home birthing. To say that they are deeply disappointed that my wife and I chose to pursue MD would probably be accurate. Again thank you for sharing.

    • I can understand that some people have a mistrust of science and medicine – perhaps they’ve been hurt in the past, had a bad experience with a healthcare professional, or just don’t like things that they don’t understand. But, I’m a little shocked at the lengths that the home-birthing movement has gone to in order to suppress its dangers, particularly if those dangers can be avoided by the intervention of modern medicine.

      Tell them to read this and consider revisiting some of their zeal on the whole home-birthing bit.

      • I would put forth that the conflict between traditional hospital birthing and home birthing has more in common with the “Religion vs. Science” arena. These are not people looking to engage in scientific debate over data. If it was the landscape would be very different.

    • There’s a really interesting article that she’s written here about the mechanism at work in vaccinations. The comments are a really interesting read and real proof that one of the major problems with the information age is that it’s given voice to uninformed opinion.

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