An Update on My Lab TA

So, as I mentioned earlier, my organic chemistry lab TA posted the pre-lab Sunday night, the night before it was due.  Frustrating, since it took most of my morning yesterday to get it finished.  I can understand…no one’s perfect…but then I showed up for lab yesterday evening.

Our TA showed up and told us that he hadn’t looked at the lab yet and had no idea what we were supposed to be doing.  The lab documentation wasn’t entirely clear and required some additional instructions from our TA, but he wasn’t able to provide any of them.  What’s even worse is that he got pissed at everyone asking him questions about the lab procedures.  At some point near the end of the lab, he started whining about the fact that he was single on Valentine’s day.  Seriously?  The last thirty minutes of lab, he stood at the front of the classroom and complained about the fact that he had spent the past five years unable to find a girl.

He didn’t know how to set up the NMR machine, so we all have to come back next week to take the NMR spectrum of the unknown we isolated yesterday.  If he had actually prepared for class, I’d already be finished with this week’s lab and ready to write the lab report, once its posted….which probably won’t be until the night that its due.  Talk about aggravating.

Unbelievable.  The only saving grace that this lab has is that he’s such an easy (and lazy) grader.


2 Responses

  1. You’re so fucking lucky that you have an easy grader. Rejoice! Seriously. Our lab TA’s take off points for any possible reason and don’t understand that the boiling point of caffeine is 178 degrees and don’t bother to look it up to check. They had us use a water bath to sublime caffeine. They’re retarded.

    • It wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Having an incompetent TA is a double-edged sword – I learned nothing from lab, which makes it difficult to understand how experiments are actually performed or how compounds are synthesized. There’s more to classes than the grade you get at the end.

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