Here’s Something to Keep You Busy Until I Have Time to Post

I apologize to all four of my readers for not having posted lately.  My organic chemistry professor assigned an impossible H-NMR as part of our latest homework assignment, which consumed the better part of my last week.  What little time I had outside of that was spent preparing for our first exam which is on Thursday.

I want to show you what we were given to work on and see if anyone else can figure it out.

This is all we were given.  Originally we weren’t even told what the solvent was and later, after much pleading, we were told, incorrectly, that it was D2O.  Notice that since the singlet at 6.7 ppm isn’t on the NMR you can’t tell what it’s relative multiplicity is.  I’ll post the answer and the rest of the dramatic tale behind it this weekend after my exam.


2 Responses

  1. Ah, H-NMR…. If I wasn’t prepping for my own impending organic midterm (on acetals and alcohols and all sorts of good stuff!), I’d take a swing at that. Maybe next week, though then I’ll be prepping for the final. (I’m on the quarter system.)

    Cheers to being done with the first midterm! I bet you’re diene to be done with organic 🙂

    • “diene”…. that’s really bad.

      The problem is, at it stands, is not well-posed. We were given an incorrect solvent (CD2Cl2 instead of D2O) and told that it was taken at neutral pH (it wasn’t). I’m going to post the actual solution in a few minutes here.

      Thanks for the comment.

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