Where’s All The Traffic Coming From?

Since about a year ago, my average number of hits has been around 30 per day. During the last couple of days, the number has shot up to over 100. I like to think that I’m a decent writer and have a few things to say that others might want to hear, but I’m curious as to where all the new traffic is coming from.

Anyone want to clue me in as to why I’m suddenly so popular?


6 Responses

  1. Well your posts are not droll and are topical for anyone contemplating getting into Med School. Content is King! (if only my employer understood that)

  2. You’ve become a member of a secret online society that rewards its members with increased traffic. Congrats!

  3. Mmmmm … and you tried using a web traffic tracker? I use Blogger, which now offers stats, and I also use Google Analytics, which I really like. You can sign up and create a code that’ll you’ll copy and paste into your blog’s HTML. Then, Analytics will track where hits are coming from and you can review reports daily, weekly, monthly or on a time period that you select.

  4. Umm.. ’tis the season for pre-med students to stat finishing up their AMCAS applications. So they Googled a few things while frantically pulling some things up, and came up with your blog and figured you sounded like you knew something.

    • Interestingly enough…I’m actually the first hit on Google for “preparing for organic chemistry” and in the top 5 for “mcat statistics”.

      Hopefully, my chances of getting into medical school are proportional to the number of hits my blog gets. I must have a lot of lurkers – I only hit 100 comments yesterday.

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