I Keep Meaning to Write…

…but I’ve got an organic chemistry exam on Thursday. I feel completely behind since we covered the chapters on aromatic and carbonyl chemistry, radicals, acetals, hemiacetals, and carbohydrates in about 6 lectures. I have no idea what he wants us to know from half those chapters and we skipped half the material without any mention as to whether it was important or not. I wish more professors understood the value and utility of things like learning objectives.

Oh…lab last night?  Apparently, we have a three week project that our TA was supposed to introduce (he didn’t) and a writing assignment that he should have posted (he hasn’t) as well as a final end-of-semester paper we’re supposed to start working on (which he hasn’t posted the details about yet).  This has become an enormous liability – being forced to write a 10-page lab report the night before it is due is infuriating.


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