The Final Word on My Organic Lab

So, Monday evening was our last lab meeting of the semester.  About half of our entire class grade comes from the final paper we have to write which is based on 3 experiments we’ve done over the past 6 weeks.  Last week, we started an aldol reaction of some sort and we were supposed to complete it this week and then finish writing the paper that is to be turned in next week.  Our TA said he didn’t have any idea what we were supposed to do, so he ultimately decided that we didn’t need to include it in our final write-up.  He told us to just revise and re-submit the rough drafts which he had just handed back.

Bottom-line…?  The longest lab report of the entire semester, which is about 20 pages for my friends in the other sections, is just a re-submittal of the rough draft I gave him last week.  I got all the points on it, so it looks like I just need to print it out, turn it back in, and then my year of organic lab is over.  I had it pretty easy.  I have some friends in the other section that are absolutely livid.


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  1. Glad you made it through. 🙂

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