New Twitter Feed

I’ve made a few changes to the way my blog appears and also committed to actually using Twitter.  I doubt that anyone is sufficiently interested in my life to care, but if you’re interested, my Twitter feed appears at left.  Count on a never ending string of commentary on healthcare, medicine, government inefficiencies, and a lot of other things.

Last class was this morning and I have a week until my organic chemistry final.  Another few days of studying and review, and I believe that I should be ready.  To everyone else that’s getting ready for finals, best of luck.  And beyond all this looms the MCAT in September!


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  1. I opted out of twitter when it became a work tool. Facebook is as well which is just sad. Thought about starting it back up and tying it to my blog since I am 99% certain no one at work is aware of my blog.

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