Finals Week

Well, this is finals week.  The organic lab for this semester doesn’t have a final, which is nice – just waiting on my TA to post the results from our final lab papers.  I’m not really holding my breath on this one.  Anyway, my only real obligation this week is the organic lecture final on Thursday.  The chemistry department uses the American Chemical Society cumulative final.  I started reviewing for the exam a couple of weeks ago and am just a little bit over halfway through the review book.

The ACS review book is pretty straightforward – has about 15 chapters in it and covers all the topics which were covered in the class this past year.  I’m really not a fan standardized exams that aren’t made by the course instructor.  Now that I’m working through the review book, I’ve started seeing how many topics that we’re responsible for which we didn’t cover this year.  In particular, the second semester skipped over quite a few topics that are in the book which we haven’t covered.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to fill in the gaps by the time I have to take the exam.  Luckily, the MCAT doesn’t cover a tremendous amount of second semester organic chemistry.

Our professor factors our final exam grade into our overall class grade by dividing the percentile  score by two and adding 50 points to it.  By my reckoning, I need to score in the top 50 percentile in order to keep an A.  I’ve enjoyed organic chemistry this year, but it will be nice for it to all be over.


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  1. My recent experience with the MCAT actually did require second semester organic chemistry…

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