My Home for the Next Week


I had to fly into New York to do some testing for work and will be here for the next week. But, don’t worry – I’ll be plenty busy. Bet the housekeeping staff will be in for a surprise tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the closest grocery store is already closed, so no yogurt.

Edit:  Yes, that is an airsickness bag from my flight into New York.  I was trying to figure out how air density might be affected by humidity and what that would mean for drag forces on a projectile.


4 Responses

  1. NYC? Should take the chance to look at Columbia Med in Washington hieghts or Cornel. Either way if you need some suggestions let me know.

    • I’m stuck in Long Island all week. Testing will probably be finished up on Wednesday, so there is a chance that I might have some free time on Thursday, but there’s no way to know.

      It’s a good idea, though, to use company travel to investigate some medical schools if I get the chance. I’m headed to Las Vegas for a conference in July and will have a lot more free time that week. I’ll try to see if I can get a chance to take a look at UNLV.

  2. So i guess I’ve a question for you and maybe others lurking around here. How do you maintain focus in your job? Ever since deciding this is something I’d like to explore I’ve found it harder to keep my projects going. Will it get better after this initial bit? Maybe it’s just the inability to do anything immediately and that it’ll get easier when I start shadowing or taking classes?

    • I manage by dedicating time to research and study. For instance I lock myself in a tiny 2 seat meeting room over lunch to study. Also the time I would have taken checking the news or market I spent researching schools. The net effect is I have not lost any “net” work hours. Once I got everything settled I rarely look at it now. Get the bubble through the pipe so to speak.

      Also realizing that medicine is as much about the pursuit of perfection as anything, therefore I am attempting to cultivate the attention to detail and communication skills that will help me later, now.

      Last thought is kiss your PTO good bye now. Instead of vacations I spend time shadowing, or studying. Also if probably means a lot more 6 day work weeks as you squeeze in working/volunteering at your local hospital.

      My last advise is to master the art or creating and executing on plans. A university student regardless of how busy they think they are have far more hours to burn in a given week than a professional will. So missteps will hurt a lot more if you fail to plan your time and execution well.

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