Studying for the MCAT: Day 53

Just a little bit over halfway, with almost 7 weeks to go.  The exam is actually six weeks from this coming Saturday.

First of all, thanks to everyone that has offered up encouraging words and all that.  Even though I have no clue who any of you are, it helps out a ton, so thanks for your support.

I’m a little over halfway through all the content review that I wanted to get done.  I’m starting the physiology topics today and will be probably start doing the AAMC practice exams in another couple of weeks.  My review at this point is mostly reading the topics, figuring out concepts that I don’t understand as well as I would like, and then working the practice passages on those topics from the Berkeley Review.  This seems to be working out relatively well, but I won’t know for another couple of weeks until I’ve done a couple of AAMC exams.

I have noticed that I’ve gotten a lot better at deducing answers which I don’t know.  I worked 4 passages last night and there were probably 3-4 questions that I had no idea how to solve, but was able to get the answer from the passage or eliminate all the wrong answers and deduce the correct one.  I feel dirty answering questions that way, but I know that it’s key to doing well on the MCAT.

Anyway, I’m holed up at my hotel in Las Vegas right now punctuating conference sessions with 1 hr long study sessions so that I don’t go too crazy.  It’s something like 105 degrees here today, so hiding in my air conditioned hotel room feels pretty good.  Also, there is a Whole Foods just down the street, so I’ve been eating pretty well the last couple of days.  Grocery stores and good markets are the bee’s knees when you’re on the road.


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  1. Don’t feel dirty answering questions that way – it’s what everyone else in the room (and the country) is doing, and it’s what is expected on the exam. Do whatever you need to do to get the best mark you can on the exam (barring illegal/immoral activities, of course).

  2. Being able to eat good healthy food on the road is awesome! Most of the road time with my company has “you should attend” cocktail events most nights. Makes things challenging.

    • Not me. This is mostly technical sessions all day, and then I think a lot of people skive off for the afternoon to go golfing or head over to The Strip.

      Given that it’s feels like a furnace outside, I’m not sure I understand what they’re up to.

      I pretty much have my time to myself – there are several sessions that are actually interesting to me or are being presented by people I know. Other than that, I’m not going to get a lot out of this conference, except for a headache from studying for this damn MCAT. I’m so over it.

  3. Hey, Lexie Grey is Meredith Grey’s little sister. On “Greys Anatomy.”
    And yes, it is good to rant. Keep up the good work on the MCAT–remember it doesn’t matter HOW you get the right answer, only that you do. 🙂

  4. I presume you have the Sep 10 date. Me too! However, unlike you, I’m burned out and almost giving up.

    • It’s a lot of work, that’s for sure. But, it could be worse. Find something that motivates you and keep at it.

  5. If you can get answers right that way, you’re well on track for nailing the crap not only out of the MCAT, but the USMLEs as well.

    • I certainly don’t feel that way. Maybe it’s just the difficulty of the Berkeley Review, but the background that these passages seem to require is beyond the pale. Even reading the answers, it’s sometimes impossible to understand. I really wish it was clearer what the background required for this exam is – half the time, I have to go to a physiology textbook to interpret the answer given in the back of the book.

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