A Brief Update

If you’ve been following my blog posts over the summer, you’re no doubt aware that I was intending to take the MCAT on September 10.  About three weeks ago, I began reviewing physiology but started getting really stuck, since my general biology classes had largely ignored physiology.  It started to become apparent to me that I was learning for the MCAT rather than reviewing.  This wound up taking a lot more time than I had thought that it would and I began to fall a lot further behind.  So, after a good deal of internal debate and thought, I decided that I would postpone the MCAT until the end of next summer.  Unfortunately, this is going to require postponing my application yet another year, so I’ll be applying in June 2013.  Not really a fan of this, but I don’t have much of a choice.

In the interim, I’m registered for a year-long biochemistry course this year as well as a physiology class.  I think that with both of these under my belt, particularly physiology, I should be much more prepared for the exam next summer.  I’ll probably feel a lot more confident about it as well.  Overall, I’m a little disappointed, but I think that I’ll do better on the exam and will probably have a chance to do other things to strengthen my application as well.


4 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear, but at least you will be better prepared. Good luck in you classes,

  2. Hello Odyssey,

    It has been a pleasure following your MCAT study progress this summer. I am sorry you had to postpone. I am looking forward to your next study schedule. Good luck!

  3. I agree. The biology section on the MCAT is much more focused on physiology than on basic biology. It may suck to wait another year, but I think taking physiology before the MCAT is a good decision. Biochem will help too. Best of luck to ya.

  4. That sucks, but if it means you’ll be better prepared then it’s probably a good idea.

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