First Round of Exams Already Upon Us

We had our first biochemistry exam yesterday and I think it went pretty well.  For some reason, everyone really wanted to know how I’d solved the problems after the exam.  I tend to hate post-exam discussions because they usually just show what mistakes I made and this one was no exception.  There was an equilibrium question that I worked slightly incorrectly – transposed a couple of the terms in the expression for the equilibrium constant.  Unfortunately, that term showed up in the other 4 parts of the problem and I answered all of them based upon my miscalculation.  I suspect that our professor will grade it fairly leniently, so I don’t imagine that I’ll lose more than a couple of points on that section.  Other than that, I think I may have aced the rest – there were a couple of multiple-choice questions that were worded terribly and had more than one correct answer.  Hopefully, everything will work out well.

The nice thing about biochemistry so far is that it has really helped me understand a few subjects that I know will be on the MCAT things.  Acid and base topics are a good example of that.

Next Thursday, we have our first physiology exam.  We’ve covered homeostasis to some extent, digestion and absorption in the gastrointestinal system, and are just now getting started with membrane potentials and neurons.  I feel like I understand most of it, but just need to go back and review all the important details and write out explanations for how the various systems, components, and feedback processes work.  Membrane potentials are more or less an application of electrostatics and some statistical thermodynamics, so learning those topics shouldn’t be too difficult.

As an aid to reviewing physiology, I took a suggestion from one of my classmates and ordered up the USMLE Step 1 board review book for physiology.  I feel like a super-gunner now.


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  1. I hope you did well on the exam (and will do well in the other one next week). 🙂

    Just took my first 2 exams of the semester — one in genetics and one in gen. chem.

    I think I was one of just a handful that actually passed the genetics exam. The prof is offering a retake over the weekend. So I’m restudying to take it again. Thought I understood it, but obviously not as well as I thought.

    I aced the chem exam. Whew!

    • Wound up in the 90s, which was one of the top 3 scores in my section, which is alright I guess. Physiology exam went alright I think – probably find out Tuesday.

  2. Awesome! Congrats. 🙂

    (I made a 100 on the retake. Averaged with the first exam, I now have a B.)

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