Why I Don’t Own My House

So, Wednesday night we had a pretty gnarly thunderstorm here.  I was screwing around on the internet after studying for my exam when I heard this weird sound come from my staircase.  Apparently, the roof of the townhouse that I rent has been leaking for a while and the water has been pooling above the ceiling.  Well, eventually the sheetrock that comprises my ceiling couldn’t handle it anymore and decided to collapse.  There appears to be some rather serious water damage to the ceiling and I can only imagine what the problem with the roof is.

Times like this remind me why I prefer renting.  If I owned my place, I’d have spent my evening trying to figure out how I was going to get it taken care of, how much it was going to cost me, and how I would be able to get it taken care of without having to miss any work or class.  Since I don’t own the place, I just laid a garbage bag down to catch any paint and sheetrock chips that fell, put a bucket under the hole, and went off to bed.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to call my landlord and have him send someone by to take care of it.  I’ll probably end up needing to take some personal time off from work, but I can still put in most of my hours from home.  Happily, I don’t have to pay to fix it or handle any of the logistics involved in getting it taken care of.  Having to front the cost of a new roof would be a real drag.


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