Sickness Paranoia

Earlier this afternoon, I started to feel as if I had something in the back of my throat.  Naturally, I’m assuming that it’s some sort of rare, metastic cancer that is going to kill me in six months.  I can’t wait to get to medical school so that I have even more symptoms to amplify and terrify myself about.


3 Responses

  1. Don’t worry. After being in medical school for a while you’ll be so sleep-deprived that you’ll long for a rapidly fatal illness to deliver you from your suffering.

    • Haha! You’re probably right.

      It can’t be cancer though. It went from an itchiness to a full-blown, raspy, sore, and painful throat in about 12 hours, along with a fever and chills. It’s probably just Ebola.

  2. Still feeling like ass right now. Seem to have gotten over the worse of it, but still periodically break out in coughing fits that make me fear I’ve torn some thoracic cartilage.

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