A Poll For My Readers

On a normal day, I get around 50-75 hits and sometimes spikes up to over 100, if someone on SDN links to me. Without question, my most popular post is the one that I made last year on undergraduate majors relative to MCAT scores. Clearly, there are a ton of people running around out there that think their MCAT score can be predicted by the field they get their degree in.

Anyway, I was wondering who you all were and where you come from, so I done made a poll!  Stand up and be recognized!


8 Responses

  1. Hi MSO — There are a couple of combined degree people who read my blog. Since the pregnancy I seem to have attracted people who like reading about babies and pregnancy. My hits almost doubled after I made that announcement.

  2. Sadly, I don’t have that sort of ace up my sleeve. Announcing that I’m pregnant would probably do some damage to my credibility for obvious reasons. At the least, it would probably raise some doubts as to whether the med school thing is really a good idea.

    I’m not pregnant! Just too much beer and studying without riding my bike for the past two years!

  3. I can see how claiming your pregnant would damage your credibility, but I see no reason as to why it would mean that med school is not a good idea.

  4. I’m willing to lose a bit of anonymity so that readers can use the appropriate personal pronouns when referring to me. Of course, that only limits the field to half of all med school applicants, so I still feel safe and cozy behind my screen of anonymity.

    Also, I dig your avatar. Just recently got my girlfriend turned onto BSG and she absolutely loves it.

  5. New reader! I did vote (I’m in med school, but I’m on medical leave) and I hope I didn’t skew your results since I just started reading. But I will be visiting your site daily 🙂

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