An Update on Physiology

I have a physiology exam on Thursday evening that I am in no way even close to prepared for.  We covered most of the endocrine system in a lecture and then all of reproduction during the next.  Our professor pointed to a couple of excruciatingly detailed charts about hormones, feedback, and glands and then clicked through saying “Just make sure you know everything on these few pages”.  Apparently, in some contexts, a “few” can equal “forty”.  Lovely.

That said, I’m really glad that I decided to postpone my MCAT until next September.  All of the material that we’re covering in physiology is mentioned in the ExamKrackers review books and at about the same level, so I’m trying to think ahead to the exam and make notecards for reviewing important concepts (e.g., the differences in the mechanisms for release of hormones from the anterior and posterior pituitary glands).  Plus, if the review books are to be believed, you pretty much have to know all of the major hormones and their actions for the exam.

Anyway, back to studying.  We should be getting our second biochemistry exam back tomorrow or Thursday and I think I did pretty well – was shooting for something north of a 95.  25% of our grade comes from a final presentation, which we have to do in groups.  My group consists of a couple other individuals with questionable work ethics, so I’m a little worried about missing the cutoff for an A.

Anyway, back to learning about hormones.


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  1. Good luck on your exam tomorrow!

    • Really not feeling it right now. I feel really far behind.

    • Exam could have gone better. Despite his insistence that we understand physiology at a conceptual level, he tested primarily on little details squirreled away in the corner of the textbook. I was shooting for the upper 90s, but after looking up a few answers to some of the multiple-choice questions I didn’t know, it’s doubtful that I did.

      Should get my biochemistry exam back on Tuesday – pretty sure that I crushed that thing, so that soothes my ego a bit. But I’m sure that my dream of medical school has forever evaporated now that I didn’t ace this physiology exam. 🙂

  2. All bio tests are on little details. That’s what med school is like too. I hope it went better than you think….

    • Yeah, you’re probably right. It wasn’t really all that bad – I just didn’t focus on details. I’ll find out later this week.

      In other news, I scored a 95 on my biochemistry exam, which is right about what I was shooting for. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t ace it, but considering the average was in the 70s, I won’t get too bent out of shape about it.

    • Wound up with a 90. Once I get my paper exam back, I’ll look over it and probably submit for a regrade. Our grader on the first exam was ferocious and I got a bunch of points back on that one.

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