Inbox Assault

So, I don’t normally check my email all that often – at least, not the email address tied to my blog or my Twitter feed.  For some reason I logged in this afternoon and checked it out…seriously.  Why have I been assaulted by Republican primary candidates?!?!  My inbox was stuffed full of requests for campaign contributions from pretty much everyone on the Republican ticket.

Now, I tend to swing more or less towards the libertarian side of politics – I favor a small government, personal responsibility, and a rather conservative view of social contract theory.  That being said, I have to wonder how on Earth I ever showed up on the radar of people like Michelle Bachman and Mitt Romney.  Do these characters really believe that by carpet bombing America’s inbox they will ultimately win the Republican nomination and later the presidency?!?  What goes on in their brains?  I mean, sure, I ignore all the V14gR4 and penis enlargement advertisements, but I’m totally going to show up to support your crackpot “vaccines cause retardation” platform.

At this point in the game, it’s obvious to everyone that only two real primary candidates exist for Republicans.  Why are people like Bachmann, Perry, and the rest of the Republican 3-ring circus still around?  Seriously – even if I wanted to give to a person’s presidential campaign (which I don’t), why would I throw my money towards a candidate with a shelf life of less than a month?

There’s a Do-Not-Call list for my telephone – is there one for my email account as well?  Please.  Leave me alone!


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  1. Bachmann is a blight from our state. She first represented my district and I thought her a whack job then (and I was campaigning for the GOP!!). I soon realized the real blight starts with the national and state GOP party leadership… Why they let the crazies wear the party tag, I have no idea. That said, I specifically asked not to be bothered by the Bachmann campaign… And I get emails. And calls. And requests to volunteer. No. Not since 2002 elections have I even considered it. I saw the backside of politics. Yuck.

    She will be done soon. It will be either Romney or Grinch :D… And if Grinch, Obama will be 2nd term PoTUS.

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