One More In The Bag

I haven’t been blogging much at all for the past month or so – work has gotten insanely busy lately and school has really taken up the balance of my time.  What little spare time I’ve had has gone to playing Dragon Age and brewing beer.  I bottled an IPA a week and a half ago, have a Scottish style ale that needs to get bottled this weekend – probably Christmas day – and an imperial stout that should finish fermenting in another couple of weeks, before getting racked to a secondary to bulk age until August.  Good times.

Classes finished up early last week, but grades didn’t get posted until today.  I had a pretty solid A in biochemistry and our final project went really well, so I wasn’t really worried about my grade in that class.  Physiology was another story.  For some reason, I seemed to have a hard time translating an understanding of the systems into high performance on the exams.  By high, I mean above 95% rather than 90%.  I suspect this is because I really didn’t bother myself with learning details like which adrenergic receptor epinephrine binds to or which G-PCR is coupled to adenylate cyclase.  The exams in the course had a pretty heavy emphasis on writing, so I focused on being able explain in writing how different physiological processes work, at the level he had addressed them in class.  But, I usually tended to miss a few of the multiple choice questions.  Anyway, to keep it short, I wound up about a point below the A/A- cutoff.  I sent him an email on Tuesday, after he had posted final exam grades, and told him I was on the border and asked if I could come take a look at my final exam before the end of the week.  He said that he was really busy and asked if we could meet after final grades were posted – also said that he was more than willing to meet with me, but didn’t think we would need to.  I was a little bit optimistic, since that sounded like code for “I know what you’re really asking, but don’t worry”.  Turned out alright – final grades were posted this afternoon and I wound up with an A.  How neurotic have I become that getting an A- in physiology has become a concern of mine.

Anyway, semester is over, I have 12 days off from work, my girlfriend is coming into town tomorrow, and I have beer to bottle and video games to play.  Definitely time to relax a bit.  Oh, a classmate of mine is trying to hook me up with a radiology research gig, so I’ll post some updates on my research-seeking endeavors.  Stay tuned.


5 Responses

  1. I have noticed that I can much better explain an answer in long form rather than multiple choice format. I have gotten many points back in therapy because I can explain my thought process and occasionally derive an answer they didn’t consider.

    My mind works in the gray, rather than black and white. A benefit in life, but a Independence in school.

  2. Good work fighting for that A! Have a wonderful break!

    • Thanks a lot. Not so much fighting – more like a marathon. Glad this semester is over and looking forward towards the next.

  3. As someone who just finished a post-bacc, I completely relate with your observed neuroticism. I turned into such a tightass, and now that I’m finishing up the application cycle I have to laugh at how silly it was for me to stress that way.

    • I completely agree and I have every intention of mocking myself ruthlessly, once I have an acceptance in hand. Until then, I suspect that the neurosis shall persist.

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