A Med Student’s Blog to Read

I’m taking a break to link to a med student blogger I ran across this evening.  If you have some time, check her out.  Try reading this post first.


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  1. I read it last night, but now it’s private 😦

    • Not surprised. It was a post on a couple that were hardcore natural childbirth advocates that basically murdered their baby by refusing to allow anything to be done by doctors. She was linked to by a very popular evidence-based OB/GYN blog, so my guess is that the NCB crowd came out of the woodwork and assaulted her with negative comments. She probably changed the permissions to shield herself from all the wingnuts.

      So much for respectful discourse.

  2. No, I am student who wrote that blog. The reason it’s private is that someone from my med school reported the blog to the dean of students. I have a disciplinary meeting next week. To cover my butt until then, I had to go private. If you request access, though, Allison, you’ll get it 🙂

    • Wow. Do you openly acknowledge your ownership of the blog or did someone figure it out?

    • Thanks, I will be requesting it! I hope your meeting with the dean goes well. Good luck!

      • And of course I wrote that thinking WordPress would have some sort of “Request Access” button. Glia414, you can get in touch with me through my blog or plansandlaughs(at)gmail(dot)com, because I don’t know how to get in touch with you. 🙂

      • Access is open again 🙂

  3. It was linked to my Facebook page for a while, but I never talk about it with people who aren’t friends or classmates, and I never even mentioned it to anyone else. I don’t know exactly what happened or what the dean is unhappy about, but I’ll find out next week.

  4. Glia,

    I would love to follow you and honestly, my heart goes out to you! Good luck next week with the dean. What you said is absolutely true and as the parent of a dead child, whom I’d have given my life for in a split second, I do not understand parents who are not likewise, focused.

    adoc2be @ that yahoo.com thing…

    • Hey there, all is well. There was a student (don’t know who) who was upset about something (maybe they just don’t like me) who brought a concern (which I still don’t know) to one dean, who referred it to the other dean, who read the blog and found one little thing (in one post it apparently sounded like the docs were more concerned about documentation than the outcome of the baby), but that was all. I was told that there weren’t any HIPAA violations or other concerns, and I really don’t know what the original problem was. Basically, I have an a-hole colleague who rallied the support of other a-hole colleagues, then went crying to a dean without registering their concern with me first.

      • Glad to hear that there were no negative outcomes for you. But, everyone at your school now knows you, so you should be conscious that what you write is not only HIPAA compliant but also can’t negatively impact your standing with professors and residency selection committees.

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