Google Is Not a Magic 8-Ball

I’m taking some time that I should be studying for the MCAT to highlight a few of the most recent search terms I’ve gotten. I’ve had some really bizarre ones lately, but most of these are rather benign. Anyway, back to studying.

AAMC english majors

My guess is that you’re looking for this.

review for MCAT in 2 weeks

Your style is unorthodox.  But ineffective.

dental school easier than med school

Oh the stereotypes that come to mind here.

will i pass my genetics exam

Probably not.

watch numb3rs

If you must.  I found it annoying at first, but it eventually turned into something of a guilty pleasure for me.

odyssey answer keys for physics all semester

Wow.  So, this was a shocker to me, but it certainly explains a lot of the weird search engine terms I’ve found.  Apparently, there is an eLearning service for various high school subjects including math and physics called OdysseyWare.  Explains why I’ve gotten tons of hits in the past couple of months by people using the “odyssey” along with several other nefarious terms.

how many people score a 44 on the mcat

Marginally more than those that score a 45.

what makes applying to medical so hard

Nothing.  Applying to medical school is just a matter of doing a bunch of paperwork and paying a ton of fees.

how to learn ochem in two weeks

Invent time machine.  Return to the beginning of the semester.  Go to class, do a bunch of problems, go to office hours, study independently, and put in the time.  Also, send me an email once you get there and tell me that taking genetics was going to be a waste of my time and that I would have been better off staying home.


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  1. So, other than some light biology review, I did really solid studying, practice exams, and everything for 2 weeks before taking the MCAT, I scored a 36.

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