The MCAT Reprise – Day 57

I realize that I was going to try and keep some sort of regular posting schedule while I studied for this exam, but I simply haven’t had the time.  My posting frequency will be sporadic for a while and should return to normal, once the storm has passed.  I’m also pretty sure that none of what I write will be all that flowery or anything of the sort.  Since I have very little time, I’m ditching the prose – updates are coming in bullet time style tonight:

  • As you might suspect from the title of this post, today is day 57 of the MCAT watch.  Another 63 to go.
  • I’m ridiculously tired of studying.  I take breaks every 50 minutes and have been trying to keep up with my schedule, but I’ve still had to miss doing in-depth content review the way that I wanted to.
  • I really appreciate the comments that people leave, even the strange ones from people claiming to have gotten a 35 by only studying for two weeks.
  • Also really appreciate my real life friends that make me get out of the study world once a week – my Sunday evening True Blood and dinner gathering is something I look forward to all week.  Thanks to D and J.
  • Word to anyone else studying for this exam – devoting 6 months of serious time to studying for this exam or any other is simply not possible.  No one can maintain their focus for that long.
  • I need to start studying verbal but I really don’t want to.
  • The fact that the big news about the Higgs boson was put out a week ago and I didn’t write anything up here about it tells you how busy I’ve been.
  • An astrobiologist (whatever that is) at NASA that published a shocking claim a year or more ago that bacteria had been discovered on Earth that used arsenate in place of phosphate is refusing to acknowledge that her work is unrepeatable and, nay I utter the word, wrong.  Predictable.  Dr. Wolfe-Simon is sticking to her guns, claiming that “there is nothing in the data of these new papers that contradicts our published data”.  Science should never have published the original finding without a corroborative study and should issue a retraction, which it most likely will not.  Typical of NASA.
  • Studying for the MCAT has convinced me that I do not know anything about science.
  • The one saving grace with the MCAT is that I have a 2006 vintage of Thomas Hardy barley wine that I’ve been saving for the night I take the exam.

Anyway, that’s more or less what’s been going on with me.  Thanks for following my progress everyone – I appreciate the encouragement and the comments.  Thanks.


6 Responses

  1. tired as well… everything i study seems to slip right out the next day. its maddening. the verbal actually has been much of a “break” from all the science though- i wouldn’t dread it too much. its quite a pleasant read of various topics. yeah, you get those passages about, say, wood shavings, but there are other genuinely interesting passages. the answers are occasionally hilarious as well. the best by far went something like “…her no really meant a yes.”

  2. love this blog. What books are you using to prepare for the MCAT?

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m using the Berkeley Review MCAT books and the ExamKracker 1001 problems.

  3. studying for the mcat as well – good luck! 😀

  4. Hey, keep up the hard work! I know it sucks studying so much for this test, but it will definitely pay off. I remember the recurring sequence of determination-intensity-tiredness-numbness-exhaustion-sleep-determination that IS the MCAT studying process, but know that it will end! And when it is over, you will wonder at the joy of having finished… And then hate/love the insanity/relief combination that takes place as you wait for your score. Keep your head down! You can do it!

    • You’re totally right about the cycle. Thanks for encouraging words. I had a good weekend with my girl and was able to get recharged. Another 7 weeks and it will all be over.

      Although to be honest, when I start doing practice tests in a couple weeks, of my scores are in the toilet, I will probably wait until the new year to take it.

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