A Monster Day on the Scoreboard

I really enjoy this blog, even though sometimes I wonder how many people actually read it.  Apparently, quite a few.

Being that I’m buried in an MCAT-induced haze right now, my posting has become infrequent.  Rest assured, I’m still here and I respond to comments, but until September 11, my posting schedule sucks – hopefully, I don’t lose too many followers in the process.  Nonetheless, someone apparently linked to me on Student Doctor, because I had something like 1,000 hits yesterday.  I get linked to all the time, primarily because of a post that I made on MCAT scores relative to undergraduate major – easily my most popular post – but yesterday was a new record.  Anyway, hopefully some of the people that showed up to peruse that post decide to hang around and read some of what I’ve written over the past two years or so and what I’ll write in the future.

Oh!  Happy news!  My girlfriend, a second year resident out west, is going to be spending a month here in September, so she will be here with me for the evening after the MCAT is all over.  I have a fantastic bottle of barleywine that I’ve been saving for the night I finish up the exam.  I promise to post afterwards at some point that evening, but prepare yourselves for the fact that it may turn into a completely drunken, incoherent and rambling rant.


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