Second Full-Length Practice Exam

Took AAMC #4 full-length exam.  Here’s the tale of the tape:

Physical Science: 15
Verbal Reasoning: 9
Biological Science: 11
Composite Score: 35

I wound up with a 100% on the physical sciences section.  A lot of my friends seem to think that’s no big deal because they figure, “You have a physics degree, so naturally you’ll ace the physics section”.  I wish that were true.  It is so easy to overthink some of these questions.

Another interesting thing happened too – the verbal section was a real labor and some of the passages really had me completely confused.  I need to get better about interpreting the test-writers questions.  On the biology portion, I felt lost on several of the passages.  Quite a few times, I had to take a second and tell myself to settle down and not lose it.  Some of those passages were so bewildering, it can be really easy to convince yourself that you’re screwed.  Several times while I was taking the exam, I kept thinking that I was going to bomb the exam and that I was going to finish with a 28 or something like that.  A big lesson I learned from that exam was that you cannot use your feelings during the exam as a way of evaluating whether or not you’re going to do well on it.  All you can do is run what you brung and do your best.  Hopefully, I’ll get a handle on the verbal section – my reading comprehension has always been pretty good, so I’m hopeful that it’s just a matter of more practice with actual MCAT verbal.  That and a bit more polishing and review of some basic biology concepts, and I may be in decent shape 3 weeks from now.

Now, back to figuring out cell potentials and how galvanic cells work.


3 Responses

  1. Boo yeah!!

    So, just keep practicing the other two sections. Biological sciences is just another verbal section with a few technical questions thrown in for good measure. At least you’ll probably be relatively fresh since you keep nailing the physical sciences part!

    • I felt really lost and bewildered on the verbal section and I felt really confused a lot on the bio section – almost like I didn’t really understand the passages too well and was just eliminating answers I could tell weren’t right. That’s not really how I want to be taking exams.

      Part of the reason I might have felt so spent was that I had been studying most of the morning, so by the time I got around to doing verbal and bio passages, my mind was more or less mush.

      I feel a little bit dirty with how easy the physics and chemistry section feels (trying not to jinx myself here). A lot of the questions are incredibly rudimentary – things like, “What is the work done by a 6 N force acting over a distance of 10 m?” I stare at them and scratch my head trying to figure out what the trick is. Hopefully this trend continues.

      • I decided not to go to med school, but I did take the MCAT (in 1992). As a chemistry major at a technical school, I felt like that physical sciences section was a joke. I ended up getting a 13, so I must have messed up somewhere. I don’t think though it’s a problem that some questions seem too easy. They probably are just easy, though you do have to be careful, of course.

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