More Practice MCAT Results

Finished up AAMC full-length #7, which is the fourth one available.  Here be my results:

Physical Sciences: 13
Verbal Reasoning: 10
Biological Sciences: 12
Comprehensive: 35

I’m somewhat disappointed actually.  I hate to sound like a gunner, but I’m a little bit unhappy with my physical sciences and verbal scores.  Maybe it’s just because I hit the PS section out of the park on the second exam.  Anyway, I was hoping that my average would be a couple of points above my target score before the exam.  Of course, I have another week and a half before the exam, so hopefully I’ll be able to fill in some of the gaps that I know I have.

There are several topics that I really need to go back and get some practice with.  Immunology, reproduction, some of the weird stuff with lab techniques, molecular biology, and some of the rudimentary details of hormones.  A lot of details there that I don’t really know.  Also, some stuff on embryology….I have no idea what founder cells, blastulas, and morulas.  I don’t really know anything about any of those topics.  Same thing with electrochemistry – I’m not exactly sure how to find the potential of an electrochemical or concentration cell.  Oh.  And I never really understood the whole sign convention that’s used for thin-lenses.

And then there’s the whole problem with verbal.  Still worried that I’m not going to do all that well on the exam because my verbal score isn’t up to snuff.


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