AAMC Full-Length #8

Not my best performance – I was really hoping to see some improvement, particularly in my verbal score:

Physical Sciences: 12
Verbal Reasoning: 10
Biological Sciences: 12
Comprehensive: 34

I’m not sure what I can do to improve my verbal score, particularly a week away from the exam. I consistently will narrow down the answers to two choices, and then pick the wrong one. The explanation is usually dependent upon interpreting one word mentioned elsewhere in the passage in a special way and making some inference from it which the test-writers seem to think should be obvious. Feeling pretty discouraged right now and really worried that I’m going to wind up with something less than a 10 on the real thing and not get into medical school because I’m missing bullshit types of questions in verbal and adcoms are going to conclude that I can’t fucking read.

On the other two sections, the questions I’m missing are boiling down to knowing either trivia (e.g., ecto-, endo-, and mesoderm) and weird details in some of the chemistry sections. I don’t know. I hate this stupid exam and I’m worried that I’m going to wind up tanking it because of little details I didn’t memorize or because I read, according to this exam, at a junior high school level. Maybe I should wait until February.


3 Responses

  1. Wait, you’re angsting about scoring consistently a 34 or above? You’ll be fine. If the rest of your application is respectable (i.e. good grades, volunteer experience, etc.), you’ll most likely get in someplace decent. Quit stressing! You’ll do great.

  2. Calm down. Get above a 30 with an application and you’ll get in. And that’s really all that matters, whether you get accepted in October or March, or by a just barely or a hands down committee vote doesn’t matter. Yeah, you’re MCAT is important but not THAT important. A 34 is a find score.

    Verbal was one of my better areas. When it comes to inferring small details like that, remember to tune into the author’s tone, try to figure out what the underlying emotion of the passage is. And then always go back to the main idea.

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