AAMC Full-Length #9

I am really getting tired of this crap. Same story as before.

Physical Sciences: 14
Verbal Reasoning: 9
Biological Sciences: 12
Comprehensive: 35

I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong on verbal. Even looking at the answer and seeing what the reasoning was, about 50% of the time, I still cannot figure out how I was supposed to infer that the author thought one way or another. On almost every question where the answer says “Based on <…> we infer the author believes <…>” but I could just as easily infer something altogether different which agreed with the other answer. What the hell am I supposed to do? Am I screwed because I can’t figure out how to jump through the verbal hoop?


4 Responses

  1. That has got to be frustrating. I think that you will do better on the verbal than you think. Oh, and I\’ll hate you when you get like a ”40” on the real deal! 😉

  2. Chill out man, you’re scoring 35’s consistently. If you’re this much of a perfectionist you’re going to drive yourself crazy in med school. Relax, have a homebrew, and you’ll do fine.

  3. You’re doing AMAZING on your practice tests! Congrats! I know the verbal is frustrating…I was a WRITER and my verbal was also my lowest on the real thing. It made no sense and in the end, didn’t matter anyway. So, try not to let it drive you mad.

    Thanks for the comment…stop by again for Med. Monday and link your blog up! 🙂

    • I guess I’ve just bought into the idea that without a 10 or higher on the verbal, no adcom is going to give me a second thought, regardless of how baller my PS or BS scores are.

      Thanks for the encouraging words – appreciate it a lot.

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