The Calm Before the Storm

MCAT scores get released tomorrow at 3:15 EDT.  I will be at work in a meeting for almost the entire day, so there will probably be some sort of emotional outburst.  Some friends and I are going to hit up a local pub after work to imbibe some celebratory libations. I’ll post a screenshot of my scores tomorrow afternoon, hopefully before the brews start flowing too freely.

Here’s the story thus far:

Mean PS: 13.1
Mean VR: 10.0
Mean BS: 11.8
Mean Composite: 34.9
Predicted: 34
Goal: 35


10 Responses

  1. Crossing my fingers for you!

    • Thanks!

      Oh. My research ‘mentor’ had some interesting thoughts and convinced me to consider an MD / PhD. You have an email address and be willing to answer some questions?

  2. I wish that I could celebrate with you! Good luck. Will be thinking of you tomorrow! 🙂

    • Oh. There will be pictures. I’ve had a special bottle of barleywine set aside for the past year and a half for tomorrow night. Hopefully it’s a celebration, not a lamentation.

  3. Good luck from a fellow pre med! Any advice for an undergraduate sophomore who’s traveling down the pre med road?

  4. Stalking you…;)

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